Expanding the Stock Music Library

Whenever there is time to spare as a composer, a great way to spend it in a productive manner is to write stock music.
Stock music is the term for applied music that you can buy a license to use. To the right, you will find an example of such music.
It is not written with any specific video or game in mind, but can be used for any project you’d like.

Do you have any projects where there’s no room for tailor-made music? Maybe due to time or money constraints? Ask me about my library of stock tracks, I’m sure there’s something that fits!

Global Game Jam 2018

Global Game Jam 2018

In January I participated in the Global Game Jam at the NHTV Breda. It’s a weekend where tons of people come together and form small groups to create and share games. I joined one of the teams as an audio designer. The game we made is about a little parasite, jumping from host to host on a time limit.

Pretty happy with the sounds and interactive music I made for our game. All of them created with just my voice and body, ticking off 2 audio diversifiers!

Sketches, demos and unused content

Sometimes I upload some ideas to my soundcloud. You can check it out to see if there’s some idea, genre or style you’d like me to create for your project!